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Birth date: April 26, 1940.

Doctor of science (1994), Head of Department of Biochemical Genetics, Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NAS, Ukraine, Kiev. Number of publications: 92.


1994 - Institute of Molecular Biology & Genetics, Doctor of Science in Molecular Genetics, Thesis: Structural and functional interactions of the Homo- and Heterological Genomes in Eukaryotic Systems

1975 - Institute of Molecular Biology & Genetics, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Thesis: Studies on Biosynthesis and Structure of Virus-specific RNA of Bombix mori Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus.

1957-1962 - Kiev State University Master of Science in Biology

Phone: 380 44 526 07 09. Fax: 380 44 526 0759. E-mail:

The fundamental research of the Department encompasses: Investigation of the nucleo-cytoplasmic interactions directing preimplantation mouse development and the problem of the biological clock(s) operating in preimplantation embryo, creation of new methods of directional introduction genetical information in a mammalian genome and study of structure and stability of the transgenomes, investigation of mechanisms of intercellular interactions in agregate chimaeras of mice.

Scientific interests: nucleo-cytoplasmic interactions, preimplantation development,embryo, transgenomes, intercellular interactions, aggregate chimaeras, baculovirus, expression vectors.

Selected Publications :

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